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"Great price 5 year old carpets look like new, John Pepper, Clifton

" Really impressed with the service and clean ."
Jan Simmons, Leigh woods, Bristol

"Over 1500 sqms cleaned in a night very pleased with the job ."
Semperian Investments, city centre, Bristol

07534183880 or 01172791682

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Local easy to book service carpets look so much better

Olivia, Old Gloucester Road, Frenchay

Well done service prompt and professional

Colin, Chesterfield Road, Downend

Aura maintains our properties carpets to very good effect carpets always smell lovely after service. Paul always produces outstanding results

fabio, Barber, Fishponds Road, Fishponds

Great service, very prompt great results

Clive, Willoughby Road, Bishopston

Carpets and tiled floor (kitchen) Cleaned and now look as new

Mr Reuben, Old Frenchay Road, Frenchay
Kensington Baptist Church

Worked over the weekend to clean our carpets, the team were very punctual, polite and professional, highly recommend Pauls team.

Kensington Baptist Church Simon

Impressed with Aura Floor Cares commercial carpet cleaning service, carpets cleaned over the weekend. we came in clean dry fresh carpets on Monday

Zig Zag Education Greenway business park. Doncaster Road Glyna

Good service, impressed with the carpet cleaning

Bristol Orthodontics Clifton

Highly detailed service, Aura maintain our busy Bristol collages floors and furnishings to a very high standard

Bristol institute of Modern Music BIMMCyrus

auctionGood Service! Auras maintenance floor cleaning service is reliable and we were all impressed with the results!!!!

Manheim Car AuctionsRussel

baby shop

Before opening my new shop, I was searching for carpet cleaning companies, I found Aura Floor Care to be most professional and friendly to start with. Paul was very easy to deal with and was on time and we were astounded with the results very clean carpets and the smell was very pleasant really really pleased with the service from start to finish. Highly recommended service!

Born in Bristol St George Bristol

bunzelHardworking+professional Company, Aura regularly Clean and restore our floors to impressive effect

Bunzl Catering Supplies James

knowledgeable, prompt, and hardworking.  Precise detailed carpet cleaning of our lodges,  well done

St Mary of the Quay, Rob, Colston Ave, Bristol

Aura provided an Effective and excellent service of cleaning our office floors, on time and know their stuff results were pristine floors.

Priority Express Andy

Great work at short notice, bang on

Unita maintain Donna

Good work from the team out of hours carpet cleaning. Carpets clean and smell so nice

Turtle Tots Jess

Prompt and very professional service for on-site cleaning

Crest Nicholson Ross

Really good for maintenace servicing, floors always appear much cleaner and better smelling

Redcliff Precision Paul

Quality carpet cleaning, fast turnaround before stadium opening

Bristol City Football Club

Aura Cleaned and restored our pub before opening, carpets were clean and bone dry before opening day. Totally amazed by the service booked in for regular work

The Clockwork Rose

Aura Floor Care service was very easy to book, left the key with estate agents, Paul picked up and completed the job on time and great looking carpets

Sophia, Royal York Crescent Clifton

Removed coffee stain from carpets in my Bristol apartment professional friendly service

Robin Redland Green Road, Redland

Carpets and Tiled floor cleaned same day!. Very good result easy to book Paul and Kerry very friendly

Shannon, Sands Hill, Dyrham, Chippenham

5 star service carpets so much cleaner, knowledgeable local easy to book

Olivia, Old Gloucester Road, Frenchay

“The team are great, carrying out regular maintenance cleaning of our city center office really good effect on the floors, removing all stains off our busy office carpet and the carpet looks much much better. The team are very polite, professional and on time, carrying out work after office hours. The carpets are dry right away and smell lovely”.

Hello Charlie, Baldwin street, City Centre, Bristol Thanks guys Addy and Cathy

“After bidding and eventually winning a whole house carpet cleaning service that aura had kindly donated for the Above and Beyond , Better life Appeal charity dinner. Paul carried out carpet cleaning of our large house removing tough stains. We had an outstanding result, as well has referring the services to friends and family, we will be using Auras services for our property”

Chris and Sally Miller Old Chelsea Lane, Failands

“I have my done carpets regularly with Auras maintenance packages, very professional  service”

Rob York Gardens, Clifton

“Very happy with auras commercial carpet cleaning service, cleaned our offices with really good effect”

Lisoth and Chris Bristol language Collage, City Center, Bristol

“Aura provided carpet cleaning and carpet guard, protection, was impressed with the service had them done on a Saturday morning which was handy for us. Carpets smelt  fresh, looked clean. Amazing service”

Phil Henley Southly Avenue, Kingswood

Absolutely fantastic! Job on our large office carpet in our Bristol premises

Dave First Fence

“Very good help service  and advice on my Slate floor”

Bet Evans Gloucester Road,

“Professional services, very good results cleaning of  extremely large areas in short space of time”

Stuart Henderson Aston Gate Stadium, Bristol

“Aura carried out Carpet Cleaning and Protection  of large scale office with short notice, completed fast! Carpets look fantastic!. Will use again”

Andrew Piper Apex Court, Almonsbury Business Park

“Pleased with work carried out on my Slate kitchen floor area”

Jill Mcdermott Grindell Road, Whitehall, Bristol
The Lido, Clifton, Bristol

“Excellent, Highly recommended”

The Lido, Clifton, Bristol Carpet Cleaning at the beautiful Lido, Clifton, BristolThe lido Bristol
Michelle Woods,Edgecumbe Group,Somerset house, Clifton,Bristol

“Very polite, Excellent service, cleaned our whole downstairs office floor, dirty carpets look much cleaner now”

Michelle Woods,Edgecumbe Group,Somerset house, Clifton,BristolCarpet Cleaning, Somerset house, Clifton, BristolThe Edgecumbe group, Clifton Bristol
Terry Banecome, Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol

“Carpets look great, very good service carpets dry and clean very well done”

Terry Banecome, Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol

“Well done good prices good clean  thanks guys”

Mady Sayers, Redland, Bristol
 Richard McDonald, Universal Properties and investments, Bristol

“Aura Carpet Cleaning are a trustworthy company always on time, clean all our Bristol properties, take pride with there work can only give ten out of ten, great working with you guys, thanks”

Richard McDonald, Universal Properties and investments, BristolAura Floor Care regularly clean our properties in Bristol
Niki Jones, The Limes Nursery Whitehall, Bristol

“Aura Cleaned our offices on Friday smells fresh and clean impressed again with the service, carpets came up much better than we were really pleased with how well the rugs came up really grateful came up on quick notice over the holidays, good job guys much much better than expected”

Niki Jones, The Limes Nursery Whitehall, Bristol carpet cleaning rugs and rooms at the lovely Limes Nursery, Whitehall, BristolThe limes Children Centre Bristol

“Good service, very nice for Aura Carpet Cleaning both members of staff were well mannered helpful and really help turn what was a very dirty wool carpet back to its formative self. Having had trouble with Carpet cleaners before it was good to see professionals who explained exactly what methods they were using. Using natural products on request I found my carpets looked much better smelled better and have their fluffy ness back. I would recommend Aura Carpet Cleaning to all and sundries, kept me informed of the whole cleaning procedure in a very knowledgeable and friendly manner, thanks guys”

Toby Garland, St Hilary Close, Stoke Bishop, Bristol
 Raj Singh, Holiday Inn, Bristol

“Aura Carpet Cleaning Cleaned 8000 square foot at late notice did a very good service, In a short time period. Aura carpet cleaning our our vendors and always carry out work in a professional way, the carpets are looking really clean now thanks for a good job at such short notice highly recommended service now vendors for our hotels”

Raj Singh, Holiday Inn, Bristol Aura Floor Care are vendors for the Holiday Inn hotels
Becky Bishop, Kingswood, South Gloustershire

“Completely revitalized dirty carpets looking like new now could not believe it was going to chuck carpets out! very good work well done will use again”

Becky Bishop, Kingswood, South GloustershireAura Carpet Cleaning restored really dirty carpets back to new condition

“We Always use Aura Carpet Cleaning to clean our properties always smart punctual and very good results every time”

Joseph Alexander Estate agents, Picton street, Bristol
 Anne James Estate agents, Longwell Green, Bristol

“Very satisfied Aura Carpet Cleaning services prompt on time very good results “

Anne James Estate agents, Longwell Green, Bristol Aura carpet cleaning Anne James Estate agents, Longwell Green, BristolAnne James, Longwell Green, Bristol
Leo Glass, King Square, luxury student apartments, King Square, Central Bristol.

“Aura Carpet Cleaning Cleaned our 5 floor luxury student apartments in central Bristol cleaned over 4,200 square foot in a short space of time to a very high standard, very professional and a very good price”

Leo Glass, King Square, luxury student apartments, King Square, Central Bristol. Carpet Cleaning the Luxury student aparments CRM Aparments King Street, City Centre, Bristol CRM Accommodation » KIngs street, City Centre, Bristol
Dave Frank, Softcat, Eastgate Centre, Eastville, Bristol

“Aura Cleaned 3000 Square foot in my offices before move in, in Bristol Very good service and price cleaned on a weekend very quick, very clean”

Dave Frank, Softcat, Eastgate Centre, Eastville, Bristol Aura Carpet cleaning, Large SoftCat office in Eastgate centre, Bristol Softcat Eastgate

“Fabulous result,carpet was badly stained, looks like new again couldn’t be happier”

Kevin Comiskey, Frenchay, Bristol

“Very impressed carpets a good job smelled very nice had whole house cleaned before moving in”

Mr Sophochi, Moleswood drive, Withywood
Tiny Tots Nursery, Hanham High street, Hanham, Bristol

“Superb Job really well done rugs came out like new very informative and friendly”

Tiny Tots Nursery, Hanham High street, Hanham, BristolAura Carpet Cleaning Cleaning at Tiny tots nursery Hanham High street, Hanham, Bristol Netmums link to tiny tots Nursery
Steve, Westbourne Motors, Lodge Causeway, Bristol

“Aura cleaning cleaned our showroom offices that were heavily stained for good price did a spectacular job cleaned on a Friday night very” convenient got oil stains carpets look very clean”

Steve, Westbourne Motors, Lodge Causeway, BristolAura Cleaned Westbourne Lodge Causeway, BristolWestbourne Motors

“We Always use Aura carpet Cleaning for our properties in Bristol Very reliable, amazing cleaning results and good prices”

Joseph Alexander, Estate Agents, Picton Street Bristol

“Got stains out, carpets look nearly new  thanks again”

Nihad Awad, Fishponds Road, Eastville, Bristol

“Perfect stairs and hallway looking like new”

Jill McDermott, Grindell road, Redfield Bristol

“Great work glad had house done nothing but high praise thanks again”

Jan Simmons, Bristol

“Thanks Rug looks like new plus top notch job for the stairs”

Josh Hartley, Eden Grove, Filton Bristol
Edward S Blake, York Gardens, Clifton, bristol

“Professional  friendly good service”

Edward S Blake, York Gardens, Clifton, bristol

“Would use again, good work at reasonable prices”

Mrs E Haze, Cotham Hill

“Great Work rooms look like new thanks”

H Sutton Grindell Road, Whitehall, Bristol

“Was 100 per cent happy will use again, brilliant job will recommend”

Mr Cliff Arraffoon, Speedwell Road, Speedwell, Bristol

“10 out of 10 prompt and reliable service carpets look very clean thanks”

Toby Pick, Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol

“Carpets look clean will use again”

Mrs Condon, Donald Street, Bedminster, Bristol

“Used Aura to do stairs and stainguard on time and carried out well”

Bret Simmons, Richmond Road, Montpelier, Bristol

“Thanks Paul more than happy with the work”

Jason Edwards, Easton Road, Easton, Bristol
May Wong, Park Street, Clifton, Bristol

“I had flat on Park street cleaned, flat good now before dirty now very clean”

May Wong, Park Street, Clifton, Bristol

“Cleaned well highly recommended”

T Pinkowski, Westerleigh Road, Yate

“Good prices on time as well carpets dried quite quick will use Aura Carpet cleaning again”

Tony Davies, Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol

“Well done good prices good clean  thanks guys”

Mady Sayers, Redland, Bristol

” Just to say thanks for doing my sons bedroom looks like new now thanks guys”

Linda Fouracres, Shirehamton

“Great value on whole House cleaning would recommend Aura carpet cleaning”

Pat Ball, Heyford Avenue, Eastville Bristol

Wool carpets and coffee stain cleaned to good effect very polite, informative will call back

Andre Santos Sefton Park, Horfield Bristol
The Farm Pub, St Werburghs, Bristol

Called Aura to clean our heavily stained carpets in our Bristol Pub, which they did to a very good standard, very decent people and was impressed with the transformation.

The Farm Pub, St Werburghs, BristolThe farm
Paul Jones, Promenade, Clifton Down

Good service used  spray Paul left me for free with to good effect to remove tea stains, and did good job on my carpet and on suite bathroom carpet. Very highly recommended service showed me testimonails and insurance on request. Arrived on time after a bad experience with two prevouis carpet cleaners before moving to Bristol was happy all round.

thanks guys

Paul Jones, Promenade, Clifton Down
Ross, Natural Born Flooring, Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol

We use Aura to clean our customers carpets, very good service thanks

Ross, Natural Born Flooring, Gloucester Road, Bishopston, BristolNatural Born Flooring
Tom Green , Ratcliff Court, temple Quay Bristol

Cleaned my flat on time, did a good job

Tom Green , Ratcliff Court, temple Quay Bristol

Carpet cleaning and cleaning of chairs of my studio, removed stains of Make up Biro etc arrived on time, punctual, clean tidy appearance,  explained process, gave variable options for the clean. Carpets where clean right away and dry, chairs few hours, left free spotter, ten out of ten, will recommend

thankyou Dr S Shah

Dr S Shah, Oakfield Place, Clifton, Bristol BS8

Aura came out very quick and did a very good job, house looks and smells fresher used large industrial machines very knowledgeable got 4 coffee stains out that I wouldn’t have thought possible, friendly and arrived on time

Nina Khan, Stoke Park Estate, Stapleton, Bristol

Carpets look a lot better a good clean and dry quicker than expected, thanks

James Read, Bowling Hill, Chipping Sodbury, Bristol

Quality service was going to pay for new carpets, saved me money house smells much cleaner and fresher also my wife was very pleased which is a hard task in itself

John Danes, Rectory Way, Lympsham

Moved to my new home in Bristol, first thing I did was got more carpets cleaned glad i did top marks for the carpet cleaning!

Daniel Williams, Windmill Hill, Bedminster, Bristol,

I was very pleased with the service and cleanliness, I shall call again

Jerry McDonald, Southridge Heights, Weston-super-mare

Cleaned two rugs and wool carpets gave good advice, result was  spot on

Deleany Bentley, Homefield Road, Saltford

Better than i expected carpets look like when first bought them

Yassher Charles, Champs Sur Marne, Bradley Stoke, Bristol, Gloucestershire,

I was impressed a good service Thanks

Xavier Salas, Mariners Drive, Sneyd Park, Bristol

four wool carpets cleaned and protected, coffee stains removed, great service, punctual, Paul knows his stuff thanks guys we will recommend

Paul Stone, Norman road, Saltford

Used Aura to clean both mine and my parents places this year exceptional work, friendly and knowledgeable managed to clean where other companies had let me down, came out very quick, wonderful service

Tess Jones, Clifton Down, Bristol
Mr Steven R Black, Park Row, University District, Bristol

On time completed cleaning of several properties renovation needed carpet cleaning done in short space of time carpets texture, cleanliness improved, visually much improvement,  removed dust, soot,  used other before but would got better end result with Aura carpet cleaning. Ten out of ten great company to work with happy to use time and time again

Mr Steven R Black, Park Row, University District, Bristol
Simone Minns, Robert Court, Northroad, leigh Woods, Bristol

Aura Carpet Cleaning carried out carpet cleaning on my apartment In Leigh Woods before Id moved in, carried out a very thorough clean on time very professional and impressive results.

Simone Minns, Robert Court, Northroad, leigh Woods, Bristol

Very courteous and efficient. The carpets have been revived to their former glories and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Aura Carpet Cleaning to friends. Excellent carpet cleaning results

Vicki Ludley, Arley Hill, Redland

Good prompt service and good results

Karan Straw, Alton Road, Horfield Bs7, Bristol

Got Aura in for carpet cleaning in my home last year  was pleased with the service very smart and friendly use Aura carpet cleaning regularly now for other properties  and  I’m always pleased with the carpets after cleaning

Tessa Owens, Downside Road, Clifton BristolEntrepreneur

Whole house cleaned with Aura Carpet Cleaning to good effect will use again.

Kim Dunhill, Grange park, Henleaze

Well done carpets much cleaner and dry by time I got back from shops wife pleased  quick service

James Pillton, Stoke park, Bristol

Professional service carpets dry and clean

Granville Tobiiski, Over Lane, Almondsbury,

Good experience, on time, polite, good service

Mrs Glass, Church Road, Stoke Bishop, Bristol

Prompt,  efficient, knowledgeable, felt the team where also friendly and professional and did a five star job or poor looking carpets bringing some life back into them, thanks

Paul Toms, Hazelwood Road, Bristol

These are just some of our testimonials, call us now or enter your details below for a free quote On 07534183880 0r 01172791682

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