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Treating food Spills on rugs

Treating food Spills on rugs


Its our duty to keep rugs clean and dirt free to avoid dirt build up we recommend vacuuming your rug at least twice a week this will give your rug a great appearance and will keep dirt and harmful pathogens at bay.Although these methods are ineffective in dealing with stains that we sometimes cannot avoid how ever hard we try. In these situations its best to act as soon as a spill occurs in order to not let it set. We all know spills can cause stains but it can also cause bad odours and in some causes colour fading, removing food stains is very easy compared to the removal of sticky stains like grease for example.



My first advice is don’t let the food spill dry this means act effectively and immediately blot the food stain with a white Terry towel and water and if you have a mild detergent use a tiny amount  blotting the stained area the blotting again with water.  I would advise you wait for and hour and continue again after and hour and when the stain looks to have been removed call Aura Carpet Cleaning and we can access the type of stain and use the relevant products to remove it. Never head straight for the harsh kitchen sink chemicals as although they may even seem to have got the stain out they are a major player in fading, discoloring damaging the backing of rugs and carpets.

This may not show up until the next time you get your rug or carpets cleaning and then show up in patches all over the place this is common in the carpet cleaning industry. Your carpets and rugs cost allot of money don’t destroy them with these harsh chemicals for what may not even be short term gains

By Paul Dunkley  Google+