Elevate Your Space with Professional Carpet Cleaning in Bristol

Introduction: To our Carpet Cleaning Bristol Services  

Are you tired of looking at dull, stained carpets, Floors and upholstery  that detract from the beauty of your home or office??

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Frustrated With Dirty Carpets, Upholstery & Flooring, Contact The Experts at Aura Floor Care, In Bristol

It’s time to revitalize your space with professional carpet cleaning services from Aura Floor Care in Bristol.  We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about our carpet cleaning services, floor cleaning & upholstery Cleaning, from the areas we cover in Bristol, to most commonly asked questions, preparation tips, and more. With our expertise and dedication to excellence, we’ll help you achieve clean, fresh, and rejuvenated carpets that enhance the beauty and comfort of your space.

Areas Covered in Bristol:

Aura Floor Care proudly serves Carpet cleaning services to a wide range of areas in Bristol, from private homes  Clifton, Redland, Cotham, Bishopston, Stoke Bishop, Westbury-on-Trym, Henleaze, Montpelier, St. Andrews, Frenchay to Kingswood.  To homes & business parks In Fishponds, Bedminster, Avonmouth, Almondsbury, To Central Bristol office blocks   Whether you’re located in the city center of Bristol, or on the outskirts and Bath, Aura Floor Care is here to provide you with professional carpet cleaning services tailored to your needs.

Contact us for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning & Tiled floor cleaning 

for professional cleaning solutions. Located in Bristol, we specialize in providing high-quality cleaning services that do ensure your carpets and upholstery are fresh, clean, and protected.

At Aura floor Care, we are committed to using advanced cleaning technologies that deliver exceptional results while maintaining, an eco-friendly approach. Our cleaning methods are designed to remove dirt, stains, and odors effectively, leaving your carpets looking revitalized and extending their lifespan.

Why Choose Us?

  • Professionalism: Our team consists of skilled professionals who are dedicated to delivering superior cleaning services tailored to meet your unique needs.
  • Quality Assurance: We utilize cutting-edge cleaning technologies that are known for their effectiveness and safety for various types of carpets, upholstery and flooring in the Bristol area 
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: We prioritize environmentally responsible practices by using cleaning solutions with neutral pH levels and safe ingredients.
  • Comprehensive Services: Whether you require deep carpet cleaning, stain removal, odor neutralization, or protective treatments for your carpets and upholstery, we provide comprehensive solutions.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to exceed your expectations with every cleaning service we provide.

Frequently Asked Questions About Carpet Cleaning:

  • Q: What carpet cleaning methods do you use? A: At Aura Floor Care, we utilize a combination of advanced cleaning techniques, including hot water extraction, steam cleaning, and dry cleaning, to achieve optimal results for your carpets.
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  • Q: How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?A: We recommend scheduling professional carpet cleaning at least once a year to maintain the appearance and longevity of your carpets. However, high-traffic areas or homes with pets or children may require more frequent cleaning.
  • Q: How long does the carpet cleaning process take?A: The duration of the carpet cleaning process depends on various factors, including the size of the area to be cleaned, the extent of soiling, and the type of cleaning method used. On average, a standard carpet cleaning appointment may take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to complete.
  • Q: Can I contact and send photos via Whatsapp?  Certainly! You can easily reach out to us via WhatsApp for any questions or to schedule your carpet cleaning service. Simply click our WhatsApp Widget top of screen  and send us a message. Our friendly team is here to assist you with all your carpet cleaning needs. We look forward to hearing from you!
  • Q: Do you offer any carpet protection treatments after carpet cleaning ? A: Yes, we offer Stain Shield carpet protection treatments to help prolong the life of your carpets and guard against future stains and spills.
  • Q: Can you remove every stain? With substantial investment invested in equipment and trained in all aspects of stain removal techniques  This ensures knowledge and to remove some of your most stubborn stains and although no one can guarantee to get every stain out. We have the best chance “if we can’t remove it no one can
  • Q: Can provide carpet cleaning for Bristol apartments and flats? we offer you total job access, we can provide portable Mobile carpet cleaning units for higher floor Bristol Apartment’s & flats carpet cleaning
  • Q; How long will it take for my carpets to dry after cleaning?”  With our advanced extraction machine, your carpets will dry much faster, typically within 2-4 hours. Our eco-friendly process uses 80% less water, ensuring both efficiency and environmental responsibility. Experience quick drying and fresh carpets with Aura Floor Care!”
  • Q; Can I walk on the carpets right after the carpet cleaning service? You can walk on your carpets after carpet cleaning right away.
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  • Q; Is the carpet cleaning safe for children and pets? Our treatments are completely safe, ensuring that carpet cleaning poses no risks to children and pets. We use gentle and non-toxic cleaning solutions that effectively remove dirt and stains while prioritizing the well-being of your loved ones. With our careful methods and safe products, you can have peace of mind knowing that your carpets are clean and safe for everyone in your household.

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Preparation Tips for Your Carpet Cleaning Appointment:

  1. We recommend Clearing  the Area carpet cleaning taking place: Removing any small items such as toys, shoes, or clutter from the carpeted areas to be cleaned to allow for easier access.
  2. Vacuum Thoroughly if possible: Vacuum the carpets thoroughly to remove loose dirt, debris, and pet hair, maximizing the effectiveness of the cleaning process.
  3. We recommend Provide Clear Access for your carpet cleaning : Ensure that our technicians have clear access to the carpeted areas to be cleaned by moving furniture or temporarily relocating items as needed.
  4. Here to help with Any Concerns: If you have specific concerns or instructions regarding your carpets, such as stubborn stains  please communicate these to our team to help
  5. let us know of any parking restrictions, access issues, being a Bristol company we know about Bristol’s parking issues and restrictions, we recommend    letting  us know in advance if any access issues, to provide the right equipment required for the carpet clean,  we have multiple machines including powerful mobile units, we can provide carpet cleaning services in Bristol where other carpet cleaning companies cannot, and operate total job access

Scheduling Your Carpet Cleaning Service:

Ready to experience the difference that our professional carpet cleaning can make in your Bristol home or office? Contact Aura Floor Care today to schedule your appointment. Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results with every service.

Aura Floor Care is your trusted expert for all carpet cleaning services in Bristol. With our experienced team, accredited services, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we’ll help you achieve clean, fresh, and rejuvenated carpets that enhance the beauty and comfort of your space. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and discover why we’re the preferred choice for customers in Bristol

The Best service of Private home or commercial carpet cleaning Bristol 

With our years of experience, professional services, and commitment to providing the best possible results for all your carpet cleaning needs, contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Say Goodbye to Stains and Hello to Fresh, Clean Carpets!

Are you tired of wasting time and money on under-the-sink DIY stain removal products that just don’t work? Do you feel embarrassed when your carpets show every spot and stain, especially when guests are on their way?

looking for reliable and experienced carpet cleaning services to maintain your home or office’s cleanliness and appearance? Look no further than Aura Floor Care!

Our Expertise in Bristol Carpet Cleaning

At Aura Floor Care, we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to carpet cleaning. That’s why our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you find the right method to suit your carpets.

Whether you have delicate wool carpets that require Woolsafe cleaning or a high-traffic office that needs regular maintenance, we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done right.

Deep Steam carpet cleaning 

Steam extraction Carpet Cleaning Bristol

Hot water extraction often referred to as steam cleaning, with our specially formulated award-winning Professional carpet cleaning solution is impregnated deep into your carpets to remove dirt, and oils to them be extracted out with our high-powered carpet extraction machines, triple vac motors, fast to steam heat units means, our eco friendly carpet cleaning units use 80 percent less water than other methods  Leaving carpets cleaner fresher with fast drying times

All to BSI British Standards and IICRC S100 Standards. With over 20 years of experience, becoming the most award-winning carpet cleaning companies in Bristol company, providing only premier carpet cleaning results for your carpets. Our use of premium equipment and workmanship and best-in-range products, inversion heated steam cleaning carpets guarantees the best possible outcome for your carpets, leaving them looking their best.

Carpet Cleaning service in Bristol bs5 uk Our Carpet Cleaning Services At Aura Floor Care, we offer an extensive range of carpet cleaning services tailored to both domestic and commercial clients.
Our comprehensive services include: Professional Stain Spotting Services: Our team of experts excels in removing some of toughest stains, restoring your carpets to their original pristine condition.
Domestic Private Home Carpet Cleaning in Bristol: We specialize in steam carpet cleaning services, catering to homeowners in Bristol and Bath who seek impeccable cleanliness and hygiene.
Commercial and Industrial Carpet Cleaning: Businesses across the UK rely on our professional carpet cleaning services to maintain a clean and inviting environment for their customers and employees.
Pro-Shield Carpet Protection: Extend the lifespan of your carpets and preserve their beauty with our Pro-Shield Carpet Protection service, designed to repel stains and spills effectively.
Office/Workspace Carpet Cleaning: We understand the importance of a clean and healthy workspace. Our commercial carpet cleaning services ensure that your office or workspace remains fresh and inviting.
Domestic Home Move-In/Move-Out/End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning: Moving can be stressful, but our carpet cleaning services make it easier. Whether you’re moving into a new home or preparing to leave, we’ll ensure your carpets are spotless.
Refresh or Annual, or Bi-Annual Carpet Cleaning Services: Keep your carpets looking their best year-round with our regular refresh or annual cleaning services.
Maintenance Commercial or Domestic Carpet Cleaning: Our maintenance services are ideal for both commercial and domestic clients who require regular carpet cleaning to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards.
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Trustpilot Rated Excellent! The service from Aura was outstanding – quick response to an urgent enquiry. A great result on a badly marked carpet at a very reasonable price. 5 stars – many thanks. George Ferguson. Royal Colonnade

Carpet Cleaning Services for Your Business: We offer specialized commercial carpet cleaning services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. Whether you’re a landlord, hotel owner, or property manager, we’ll ensure your carpets are impeccably clean.
Experienced, Accredited, Reliable
With years of experience, a wealth of knowledge, and strong industry connections, Aura Floor Care has established itself as the premier carpet cleaning service in Bristol, Bath, and surrounding areas. We’ve received multiple awards for excellence in carpet cleaning and are proud to be the only local company with senior membership in the National Carpet Cleaning Association. Let Aura Floor Care help you achieve fresh, clean carpets with our expert services. Contact us today for a free quote and schedule your appointment to experience the transformative power of professional carpet cleaning.
Aura Floor Care proudly provides services forbiggest carpet cleaning company in bristol Training Aura floor care has completed

  • Ashbys Insurance approved Carpet Cleaning Course Stage 1
  • Ashbys Insurance approved Carpet Cleaning Course Stage 2
  • Prochem Stain removal course
  • Prochem Carpet cleaning course
  • Prochem Hard Floor Cleaning & Maintenance course
  • Nu Life Hard Floor Cleaning & Maintenance course
  • National Carpet Cleaning, Carpet, Upholstery, and Hard floor training courses
  • Marble Cleaning and Sealing, New life Manchester

Trade Association Membership 

Aura Floor Care Senior National Carpet Cleaners Association -number 2499-

Aura Floor Care are full members of Trustmark, government-endorsed standards

Pas 86 BSI British Standard

IICRC S100 standard

Bristol carpet cleaning carpet cleaning near me

Why choose us to clean your carpets?

  • Extensive Range of products and equipment
  • Child and Pet safe products
  • Excellent local Reviews
  • Trustmark Government Approved Membership
  • National Carpets Cleaning Association Senior Membership
  • Fast Drying Times
  • Amazing results
  • (Check our before and after page)

Easy, Fast, Convenient, Estimates for Carpet Cleaning Services In Bristol & Surrounding Areas

When you’re considering professional carpet cleaning services in Bristol, getting an accurate quote is essential. Here are the best ways for customers to obtain a quote, we can estimate your carpet cleaning service in Bristol via

  1. Call: Contacting directly via phone is a straightforward and immediate way to get a quote. You can discuss your cleaning needs, ask any questions you may have, and receive a price estimate based on the size of the area and specific services required.
  2. Book a Free On-Site Quote:  reputable carpet cleaning companies offer free on-site quotes. This involves scheduling an appointment for a professional cleaner to visit your home or business premises. During the visit, they will assess the carpets, discuss your cleaning objectives, and provide a personalized quote based on their evaluation. On-site quotes ensure accuracy and allow you to discuss any special requirements face-to-face.
  3. Email: Sending an email inquiry is another convenient way to request a quote for carpet cleaning services. Include details such as the size of the area to be cleaned, any specific stains or concerns, and your preferred dates for service. The company will respond with a detailed estimate based on the information provided. [email protected]

Contact Paul & Kerry at our local Bristol office for free Quotes  & Queries for Carpet cleaning Floor cleaning & upholstery cleaning in Bristol!

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Simply click to Get your FREE ESTIMATE NOW!

5. WhatsApp: offer the option to request a Carpet cleaning Estimate via WhatsApp. This method allows for convenient and  quick communication and easy sharing of information such as photos of the carpets the need carpet cleaning. You can discuss pricing, availability, and any additional services directly through the messaging app Simply scan the app below with your phone or click the Whatsapp Dongle top left of website or add our direct Whatsapp number 07534183880

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Bristol's best rated local carpet cleaning company 2024

With substantial investment invested in equipment and trained in all aspects of stain removal techniques by and have affiliations to leading carpet cleaning product manufacturers. This ensures knowledge and to remove some of your most stubborn stains and although no carpet cleaner in Bristol can guarantee to get every stain out. We have the best chance “if we can’t remove it no one can”

Stain removal services carpet cleaning in Bristol

Our Accreditations are your Guarantee of the Quality of our work and the standards you can expect from us from start to finish

“Carried out services over a short time period to get effective results before the opening of new Bristol Stadium, and a large restoration job. Very pleased with the service and professionalism of the team”


The service from Aura was outstanding – quick response to an urgent enquiry. A great result on a badly marked carpet at a very reasonable price. 5 stars – many thanks.

The team are great, carrying out regular maintenance cleaning of our city center office really good effect on the floors, removing all stains off our busy office carpet and the carpet looks much much better. The team are very polite, professional and on time, carrying out work after office hours. The carpets are dry right away and smell lovely”.

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“Very happy with Auras commercial carpet cleaning service, cleaned our offices with really good effect”

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Very impressed, we had carpets cleaned a few years ago by another company, but didn’t get anywhere near the results of Auras service

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Absolutely fantastic! Job on our large office carpet in our Bristol premises

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Very professional service pleased with the result

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Carpets came up very well, impressed with the work

Aura carried out Carpet Cleaning and Protection  of large scale office with short notice, completed fast! Carpets look fantastic!. Will use again”

Very polite, Excellent service, cleaned our whole downstairs office floor, dirty carpets look much cleaner now”

Professional commercial carpet cleaning Bristol

Aura Cleaned 3000 Square foot in my offices before move in, in Bristol Very good service and price cleaned on a weekend very quick, very clean”

Aura cleaned our office carpets, very professional service carpets look much better

Aura floor care regularly maintain our offices, prompt, professional, service

Aura were contracted to restore our carpets,very effective service and good results

The floor looks amazing, very impressive service from start to finish

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Professional job of maintaining our carpeted areas


Always a great service maintaining our carpets


Good Service! Auras maintenance floor cleaning service is reliable and we were all impressed with the results!!!!

Manheim Car AuctionsRussel

Before opening my new shop, I was searching for carpet cleaning companies, I found Aura Floor Care to be most professional and friendly to start with. Paul was very easy to deal with and was on time and we were astounded with the results very clean carpets and the smell was very pleasant really really pleased with the service from start to finish. Highly recommended service!

Born in BristolSt George Bristol
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Positive: ProfessionalismQualityValue
Amazing job, got out the stains and the whole carpet looks like new. Nice people to deal with and have booked in again.
Positive: ProfessionalismPunctualityQualityResponsivenessValue
Wow! I didn’t expect such a great result. Paul did an amazing job on bringing the carpets back to life. 100% recommend.
Carpet Cleaning, hard floor care.? Drop us a line and we will get straight back to you