Upholstery Cleaning Bristol Aura Floor Care

Upholstery Cleaning is the most effective way of keeping your furniture like new and removing dirt and harmful pathogens    to give your Upholstery the deepest clean possible we also take care of your delicate fabrics to ensure they maintain there color and original brightness and freshness.

Upholstery cleaning bristol

Our Six step cleaning process

  • After a full written NCCA inspection with the customer we clean the fabric with our powerful vacuum system
  • Use A pre treatment spray to break up the dirt and residues and apply a cleaning solution
  • Start “stain spotting”  and cleaning by hand all stains and areas of high traffic body grease etc
  • Then use our high pressure hot water extraction machine to clean the upholstery
  •  Use a rinsing agent to rinse the fabric bring the PH down and leave it ph neutral and residue free
  • We then use our powerful airmovers to dry your upholstery  to have it dry quickly and then groom your upholstery back to shape.

We Clean different types of upholstery

  • Settees
  • Dining chairs
  • Car upholstery
  • Leather furniture
  • Arm Chairs
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Our Upholstery service includes the removal of

  • odor
  • mold
  • stains
  • pet hair
  • dust mites
  • dirt
  • body greese
  • harmful pathogens

We or dedicated to giving you the best allergy protection that,s why Floor care  Can offer the optional Promite allergy protection effective at killing dust mites and their eggs leaving your household allegy free for up to 18 months

Promite is not only effective at killing dust mites but also

  • Kills germs and bacteria
  • kills fleas and their eggs
  • Slows down wear of fibers
  • Makes vacuuming more effective
  • Restores the fluffiness of your furniture
  • Safe for pets and children

Aura Floor Care can safely remove and repel dust mites from carpets and fabrics for up to 14 months we use products that not only inhabit excrement but gets to the source of the problem by removing the mites altogether.to help you lead a allergy free life.



Upholstery Cleaning by fully trained members of the nationally recognized NCCA who have 25 years of experience.