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Did you know as well as local carpet cleaning services domestic and commercial.


We also  offer Commercial carpet cleaning commercial floor cleaning services, carpet stain removal, carpet flood restoration services around England   This was a job we did in London on short notice stain removal offices bristol   carpet cleaning offices bristol centre carpet cleaning clifton bristol carpet cleaning frenchay bristol   Customer was extremely happy   Called in Aura Floor Care as no one available who we felt could achieve a great result  as used Auras service before, remove smell of damp and large area we felt could be damaged saved office area carpets, completely over the moon with the service, fast, effective and on time   A Abrimeen, General Manager GET A FREE QUOTE

carpet stain removals bristol and bath

Stain removals in Bristol

Profesional Carpet Stain removals in Bristol

When we carry out specialist carpet stain removal in the Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas, the major issue we have is customers attempting to remove the stain themselves. Whether its Using household products from under the kitchen sink (we all know the ones) which can have an adverse effect on the carpet fibres especially wool and in cases can set the stain.

Or due to the rise, many online blogs and money saving tips advise different methods and old wives tales even advice from old John at work, unfortunately, these methods do more damage than good, and even if the stain does seem to be removed often  it comes back in weeks after attempted removal as well as added degradation of the carpet fibres due to the rise of alkalinity of the carpet which is detrimental to wool, Wool,mix carpets. Unfortunately just chucking a product down without rinsing, extracting or leaving the carpet at the right acidity just won’t work no matter what advice you have been giving professional stain removal service is your best option going forward

At Aura Floor Care we have attended advanced stain removal courses, in fact you cannot achieve Trustmark Certification without attending advanced stain removal courses and to achieve National Carpet Cleaners full membership as well have you also need to do an advanced carpet cleaning course.

But we didn’t stop there Aura Floor Care as consistently advanced though learning aspects of chemistry and working with the leading carpet cleaning product manufacturers sourcing the best Child pet-friendly products that give the best results, we are constantly in demand for our stain removal services and also seem to receive calls from other cleaning companies  up and down the country trying to ascertain the products and methodology we use. Sometimes after using effective stain removal methods or worsening a spot into a major stain, which is why we recommend advanced stain removal courses before attempting any stain something customers should be aware of not all carpet cleaning companies are just not the same. Some companies will risk using products they have not thoroughly tested or applied in the wrong measure or have not been trained to use, some just panic then applying more making the situation worse, that’s when we get to call to remedy the situation, we advise calling as soon as possible in this case.

Here is an example of a large stain in which the customer tried removing using 1001 on a wool carpet with no protecting agent on it, then calling a local cleaning company which had prices on site charged more and which had no real effect, apart from increasing toxicity and alkalinity which not only could have damaged the carpet worse case or further set the stain best case

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carpet stain removal bath

We use a range of professional floor conditioning machines, to ensure products maximum effectivity

carpet cleaning stain removal bristol area

Advanced stain removal products and  fan drying methods ensuring the stain does not wick back, ensuring complete removal

DSC 3214

Customer was over the moon with the end effect = I was prompted to call Aura Floor Care because of the many reviews, great really friendly service and a fantastic result Niamh Reed, Court Road, Horfield Bristol




Professional carpet cleaning Prices

Prices are based on time and products used, we are affordable professional and reliable but to ensure a quality service we take as much details as possible via phone survey and offer rough estimate or we can view the carpets, floor to give an  accurate written cost and also advise you on what we can achieve and any areas of concern and what to expect  before going ahead.

commercial cleaning


We believe its unrealistic unprofessional  and unfair to put costs without finding out as much about the carpets and issues to begin with Ncca and Trustmark carpet cleaners generally won’t put prices on site.

for example clean and maintain carpets in large mansions to small bedsits and all and in between  average carpet has 30 to 40 per cent size difference and different levels of dirt build up and different fibre types have different issues ie a Berber carpet can take twice as long to clean as a man made polypropylene.

So we think its totally unfair to the customer to have prices without  gauging information about the carpet first as im sure you can understand.

truxt mark carpet cleaning bristol

Trust Mark Aura Carpet cleaning Bristol


Some “splash and dash” as known in the trade  companies are are just concerned with getting in as much jobs as possible effecting reliability.

Using the wrong products can leave your carpet rotting, smelling with harmful mould some use cheap powder detergents imported from Asia which are known to be carcinogenic causing worse health issues than before the clean,


Another issue is rapid re soiling this is where highy alkaline products are not rinse out properly, your carpet may look clean but the high alkalinity will attract dirt, dust and the carpet over weeks will look horrendous fibres can be damaged beyond repair especially wool which is not suitable to high alkalinity


Our guarantee is reliability and cleaning the carpets bringing them back to their best attainable state, we have been awarded Trustmark and are full members of the NCCA which means were covered by a governing body which you can ring or check or go through a viable  complaints procedure  with not that we have ever had any protecting your consumer rights


Carpet cleaners without these measure in place can lead you up the garden path ruin your carpets meaning you have to buy new ones and no ones held accountable


For Professional Carpet Cleaning Bristol and surrounding areas call Aura Carpet Cleaning Bristol  07534183880 or 01172791682




Insuring clean carpets Bristol

Carpet cleaning in Bristol bath and surrounding areas, for professional carpet cleaning call Aura Carpet Cleaning.  We provide trustmark Carpet cleaners with full training to keep your carpet cleaned and maintained. Domestic or commercial carpet cleaning.

Encapsulation method

Bristol carpet cleaning

Christmas parties or lead up to christmas impress your family and friends with a carpet clean in Bristol from the leading independent carpet cleaning company in bristol offering service with a smile. we clean with 240 dergree heat to not only clean but sanitize your carpets insuring a healthy living environment for your home or workplace.

truxt mark carpet cleaning bristol

Trust Mark Aura Carpet cleaning Bristol

carpets are the filters of your home get them clean buy using a professional carpet cleaning Bristol company  to ensure a fresh and clean carpets in Bristol call Aura Carpet cleaning

Maintenance Cleans

 Maintenance the importance of keeping your carpets cleaned

Although carpet cleaning can be put off for some time with a professional carpet cleaning service with a method ie steam cleaning harmful pathogens which can account for 50 per cent of common illnesses can be removed.

With carpet cleaning and sanitising solutions they can be effectively be completely removed ensuring a healthy happy home for your family or workplace getting a professional carpet cleaning in Bristol can be a great and healthy gift to spruce up a friend or family members home.

Carpet cleaning Bristol maintenance

Carpet cleaning Bristol maintenance

carpet manufacturers recommend carpet should be cleaned from 6 to maximum 18 months for homes and 3 to 9 months for commercial carpet cleaning. We offer maintenance Aura carpet cleaning Bristol  packages for regular cleaning giving discounted prices for more regular  carpet cleaning services

Well maintained carpets can be the center piece of your home and if often the first thing people will notice when stepping into your home office environment. Well maintained carpets not only are healthy,  but also gives a sense of calmness to your Aura, but essentially gives an impression to others of you. Don’t be like the Jones be better the Jones when it comes to looking after your ffurnishings

carpet cleaning bristol

Well maintained fresh clean carpets gives a statement of your cleanliness showing you care about your friends families health and don’t shirk your domestic responsibilities. carpets are designed as a filter for your home, removal of dust particles, mites etc is a essential must for any carpet owner.

Unfortunately no matter how hard or how many times you vacuum in most cases a professional carpet cleaner will have to be called to provide a professional carpet cleaning  and that’s were we come in to provide an easy to book service to keep you, your family, workplace  healthy offering a carpet cleaning package to suite your budget,  working on your time frame offering a truly exceptional professional friendly service from highly trained experts.

Expect nothing less to keep your carpets maintained fresh free from viruses Mould harmful enzymes to keep your quality furnishings protected leaving them Ph balanced with no residue, only biodegradable so no rapid  resoiling

For Trustmark government vetted and backed by British standard  approved cleaners, members of  National Carpet Cleaners Association, Aura carpet cleaning Bristol are trained by the highly Accredited  Ashbys training, carpet and upholstery technician certified course.

Trained in stain removal by Prochem, the leading manufacturer  in carpet cleaning products, and members of the Approved Carpet Cleaners Association to name but a few of our awards. So who better to have Clean and maintain your carpets

For a professional carpet cleaning in Bristol bath and the Surrounding areas call

Aura Carpet Cleaning Bristol and “give your carpets a good Aura”


Operating in the South West

 Bristol Bath and now the South West

We have been offering  quality carpet cleaning in Bristol for years and are now offering are services to some of the surrounding areas.   So please give us a call if you want professional carpet cleaning. Although we are a Bristol carpet cleaning company we still wont charge extra fuel charges for other areas.

We are also proud to be one of the Certified carpet cleaning Bristol companies by Trustmark British Standard the government backed and endorsed bench mark. Companies without this seal of approval lack stain removal training “which you have to have to join” any other training, experience, and often “no insurance!” also non membership of the National Carpet Cleaners Association a priority every professional carpet cleaning company should have.

Aura carpet Cleaning are proud to have all these achievements and more were the carpet cleaning Bristol company that everyone choses and are proud to be now serving the surrounding areas giving optimum performance and professional carpet cleaning results is what makes us stand out from the crowd

We cover carpet cleaning Bristol and have listed some areas covered but cover many including  Blagdon,  Chew manga, Weston Super mare, Bath, Barrow gurney, Dundry, Nailsey, Tickenham, as the Aura carpet cleaning grow we are pleased to be adding more areas to give our professional carpet  services to without giving sub standard service and attaining more great reviews  

Choosing the right carpet cleaning company

Choose the right carpet cleaning company in your area

using our quality cleaning procedures and experience we make it our aim to give you quality carpet cleaning services with a smile offering all our knowledge from our intensive training and over the years in the industry to give you the best carpet cleaning service going forward.

We believe working with leading carpet cleaning product manufactures and carpet Manufactures as given us the skill to determine your carpet type the bonding procedures used in backing of the carpet enabling us to give you the best cleaning services.

please note we offer services in many areas so feel free to call us for a chat to arrange a convenient time for a free quote these are just a few of the areas below that we carry out carpet cleaning services in
Remember when choosing a carpet cleaner or carpet cleaning Bristol or surrounding area company always choose one with the training, experance genuine reviews, and membership of trade bodys for your protection


Area Covered

Carpet Cleaning in Bristol, Bath, Chew Magna, Pucklechurch, Portishead,  Newport, Weston Super Mare, Almonsbury Yate, Clevedon, Avonmouth, Severn Beach, Wick, Severn Beach, Alveston, Keynsham, Dundry, Pensford, Backwell, Cleeve, Felton, Axbridge, Chedder, MIdsomer Norton, Radstock, Trowbridge, Chipping Sodbury, Thornbury, Kingswood, Chepstow, Caldicot, Dursley, Redland, Clifton, Henlease, Westbury Park, Cotham, Filton, Fishponds, Staplehill, Central Bristol, Redland, Clifton, Henlease, Westbury park, Cotham, Filton, Gloucestershire, Brislington, Bishopsworth, Bedminster, Whitchurch, StokeBishop, Redland, Mangotsfield, Blaize hamlet, Brentry, Hotwells, Patchway, Blagdon, Eastville, Fishponds, Emersons Green, Combe Dingle, Cheswich, Willsbridge, ~ please call if not listed Aura Carpet Cleaning operate in many more areas than listed and may be able to arrange Carpet cleaning for you whether commercial or domestic





Aura Carpet cleaning Bristol “Give your carpets a good Aura”

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keeping your carpets clean

Importance of Keeping Carpets Cleaned by Aura Carpet Cleaning of Bristol

Since moving into your current home or office, how many times have you had the carpets professionally cleaned? If the answer is never or you haven’t had your carpets cleaned in the last 12 months, it’s time to tick it off your list of things to do. Here we will explain the importance of keeping your carpets clean and how you can benefit from a professional carpet cleaning service like.

Even if you hoover your carpets regularly, they’ll benefit from a deep, professional clean every 12 – 14 months.

Maintain good health

Despite the fact that not many people actually enjoy  cleaning their homes, they do it because they know it is necessary for creating a healthy living environment for their families. The same goes for your carpets. Although you might not enjoy cleaning them, doing so will help to maintain good health in your family.

Cleaning your carpets regularly will get rid of dust mites, harmful pathogens, pollen, bacteria and all other things that can cause health problems and allergies.

If you have pets or children living in your home, it’s likely that you will need your carpets cleaning professionally more often.


Keep carpet in a good condition

Cleaning your carpets will help to keep them in a good condition. This can be particularly beneficial when it comes to selling your home. Good quality carpets are likely to add value to your property and will be something potential buyers look for during property viewings.

Even if you’re not planning on selling your house any time soon, you should still clean your carpets so they look nice for you, your family and any guests that come round. Not only will your home look better if your carpets are

cleaned but it will also smell better too! You don’t want to be known as the family with the weird smelling house after all.

We work in Bristol    for some of the biggest carpet manufacturers they recommend that you have your carpets professionally cleaned every twelve months; however areas that get a lot of footfall may need professionally cleaning more frequently.

If you have tough stains on your carpet, you will also benefit from a professional deep clean, as even though some of the carpet cleaning products available from the supermarket remove the stains from the surface, they aren’t so great at tackling stains that have really sunk into the fabric.

Save money

One of the main benefits of keeping your carpets cleaned is that you won’t have to replace them as frequently and can therefore save yourself a significant amount of money. It’s much cheaper to invest in quality carpet cleaning service than it is to replace your carpets every couple of years.

Easy and hassle-free carpet cleaning

We understand that cleaning carpets isn’t everyone’s favourite chore, but luckily for you we happen to be excellent  carpet cleaning Bristol at it! We provide easy and hassle-free carpet cleaning services to both domestic and commercial clients  carpet cleaning Bristol and surrounding areas. Whether you need your home, office, pub, club or office carpet cleaned, we’re the team for the job!


For more information about our domestic and commercial carpet cleaning Bristol or surrounding areas , get in touch today by calling 0117 279 1682.

Aura Carpet Cleaning your professional carpet cleaning team Bristol and surrounding areas

 Bristol, Bristol, Bath, Yate, Weston Super Mare, Clevedon. Portishead, Blagdon, Kingswood, Chew Magna and many other areas in the South west

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Carpet cleaning stain removal

Although lipstick is notorious as a hard stain to get remove with this simple trick you will be able to remove it. First of all use a table spoon to remove as much off the lipstick as you can Then use a petroleum jelly like Vasoline. Lipstick is also made up of petroleum jelly so the vasoline will act to remove the lipstick by soaking it up. Rub in the vasoline until the lipstick is removed Afterwards clean the area that was effected with water and use a small amount of soap to remove the vasoline and job done.



Removing Wine stains Aura Carpet Cleaning Bristol

Wine stains are a common occurrence on and around the Christmas and new year period and we often get calls on best way to treat them the best thing you can do with such spills is act with immediate effect rinse the area with water and dab using a white cotton Terry towel and If you have vinegar begin to blot the area with  small amounts of Vinegar. If it has stained call Aura Carpet Cleaning Bristol we have products that have high effectiveness in dealing with these stains




Removing coffee stains Aura Carpet Cleaning Bristol

Again if immediate action is taken coffee can be easy to deal with Blot the area where the spill as occurred using a cotton terry towel and then add some small amounts of club soda of vinegar until the spillage is gone  Coffee can be a hard stain to get rid off if left for a long  period call Aura carpet Cleaning Bristol to help effectively remove the stain




Removing wax Stains Aura Carpet Cleaning Bristol

Wax stains can be very difficult to remove and in case Wax can cause burning and colour dying to the fabric. There is a way of hovering an iron over the wax with a paper bag not grease proof to absorb the wax while its heated and while some people achieve results this way use this method for small amounts we recommend calling us for we  have the equipment and technical know how to effectively remove wax


Call Aura Carpet Cleaning Bristol on 07534183880 or 0117 2791682

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