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"8 bedroom cleaned from Aura Carpet Cleaning impressed with the service & clean."
Mrs L R Lansdown, Clifton

" Trustworthy reliable and amazing carpet cleaning results ."
Joseph Alexander, Letting Agents, Bristol

"Over 600sqms cleaned very pleased with the job ."
Raj Singh, Holiday Inn, Bristol

Your Questions Answered

What areas do you cover ?

National Commercial Carpet and Floor Care services
Covering Both England and Wales

Local Domestic Carpet Cleaning and Hard Floor Cleaning service

Bristol, Bath, Weston Super Mare, South Gloucestershire, Kingswood, Almondsbury Yate, Clevedon, Avonmouth, Severn Beach, Wick, Severn Beach, Alveston, Keynsham, Dundry, Pensford, Backwell, Cleeve, Felton, Axbridge, Cheddar, MIdsomer Norton, Radstock, Trowbridge, Chipping Sodbury, Thornbury, Kingswood, Chepstow, Caldicot, Dursley, Redland, Clifton, Henlease, Westbury Park, Cotham, Filton, Fishponds, Staplehill, Central Bristol, Redland, Clifton, Henlease, Westbury park, Cotham, Filton, Gloucestershire, Brislington, Bishopsworth, Bedminster, Whitchurch, StokeBishop, Redland, Mangotsfield, Blaize hamlet, Brentry, Hotwells, Patchway, Blagdon, Eastville, Fishponds, Emersons Green, Combe Dingle, Cheswich, Willsbridge, ~ please call if not listed Aura Carpet Cleaning operate in many more areas than listed and may be able to arrange Carpet cleaning or Hard Floor Care for you whether commercial or domestic

How long does carpet cleaning  extraction cleaning take?

Carpet cleaning times vary on fabric, stains, dirt build up, but on average we take around  30 to 45 minutes per room this includes 7 methods of cleaning, industrial vacuuming , intensive pre treatment, agitation, stain spotting and Extraction with  rinsing agent plus grooming back the pile to give your carpet their natural shape and a natural deodorizer. Giving you the most effective results, carpets that are cleaner and fresher for longer. We also have other methods of carpet cleaning including Encapsulation cleaning or Dry carpet cleaning, which are faster for commercials, like offices or letting agents, larger areas for a quick turnaround on rental properties whether commercial carpet cleaning or Domestic carpet cleaning

   How long do carpets take to dry after carpet cleaning ?

Carpets can be dry straight away with some of our cleaning methods including dry compound cleaning, encapsulation cleaning , when we clean using hot water extraction we use high powered fans and are the only  local carpet cleaning company in Bristol to do so ensuring the fastest drying times. We also give you free overshoes to  use for a few hours after to maintain the freshly cleaned groomed carpets stay that way..

How long does commercial carpet cleaning take?

We can use modern encapsulation carpet cleaning techniques to ensure fast turn over and carpets dry  right away depending on wheater conditions

Are you fully trained and insured ?

YES  our technicians are fully trained members of the National Carpet Cleaning Association, vetted Trustmark government endorsed and have many years in the carpet cleaning profession, who can give advice and confidently deal with any issues. We find that a lot of our work comes from remedying poor work from other carpet cleaning companies with no training, insurance, and use of high alkaline harsh toxic chemicals which has a detrimental effect on carpet fibers.

Do you move furniture?

We kindly  ask you to move furnisings and  valuables and fragile items due to insurance purposes, if unable to we can help on request Or we can clean around ie office desks, antique chests of draws etc, what ever suites you.

Is it worth Applying Scotchgard?

YES, We would always advise to use Scotchgard protector for your carpet and furniture “it speaks for itself” we  can show you by test how effective it is. It not only protects carpets from stains but also can protect the fibers from wear and dirt build up..

Why don’t i just do it myself by renting a machine from my local super market?

Using the Supermarket rental machines can damage the fibres in your carpets, lack the power to get your carpets anywhere near as clean as we would, are ineffective, can take you loads of time and effort and leave harmful residues in your carpets which can change the carpets texture color shape can damage carpets. We get a lot of End of tenancy’s who try this method only to call us out to try and remedy the situation when in invariably goes wrong,  unfortunately they sometimes end up losing there deposit as the damage can be un-reparable.

How does your carpet cleaning service work do I have to be there, wait around?

No we are CRB checked professional and can be trusted, were also checked and verified  by Trustmark endorsed Government standard, so the only thing we will take is an offered cup of tea or coffee!. We work to strict health and safety polices, can be left to get on with the carpet cleaning, we can ring you around 15 to 20s before the end of cleaning.  or how ever you wanted to arrange it so you can get back to inspect your clean carpets before we finish. Or we can be left with the keys, drop then off what ever suites you.

Its my end of tenancy i may have lost deposit due to Stains high traffic  carpets can you help?

We specialize  in end of tenancy carpet cleaning and can give you a free assessment to tell you how well we think the carpets will come out so you can make a more informed decision regarding cleaning.

Do you do the work on your own?

No. There are many one man band carpet cleaners, we believe operating as a pair is much faster and increases efficiency all round. I work along side my friendly female partner Kerry and have a pattern of carpet cleaning processes tried  and tested for best results, this also ensures your safety offering female friendly cleaning and great all round service. For larger commercial carpet cleaning operations we employ a small team of CBR checked experienced carpet cleaning professionals.

Do you work weekends?

Yes, we can work weekends,evenings and are very flexible fitting in a time to suit you.

Do you clean large scale commercial offices how long would you take?

We can clean large scale premises, we have different methods we can use we can use a technology called encapsulation cleaning which is a fast method of cleaning using floor conditioning machines, they are is highly effective and have fastest drying times

Can you Clean Sea Grass, Sisal, Coir flooring?

Yes we use a dry compound or powder which is very effective as these fibers can be damaged and stained by water so this is the best method.

Some other Carpet cleaning companies have prices on there website, why don’t you? does this mean your more Expensive?

No just more professional .We believe that offering a free, fair and affordable, no obligation quote is the best way in giving you a honest price for cleaning your carpets and upholstery. We can offer a rough estimate via a phone survey or can come out for free, carrying out tests and procedures to give you a professional assessment and  to inform you of what to expect, what cleaning procedure we think would be best suited going forward. We can offer many remedies and have affordable packages to suit most budgets giving the best carpet cleaning results.  Many companies have pricing offers and then add on travel cost, VAT, Stain removal, moving furniture,

 In the final price. Some also clean carpets without pre treatment, agitation  or rinsing carpets, Ph setting these are important measures and would leave a inferior job if not done correctly.  The fact that there are many different issues involved in cleaning carpets, many different tests and procedures that should be carried out before and after cleaning. Without these procedures carpet bleaching or rapid re soiling over wetting and shrinkage is likely to happen that could cost you more in the long run, we are also trained in stain removal and know the correct ways to remove some of the most stubborn stains.

I am worried about letting someone in my home who may use pushy sale practices can you assure me this will not happen?

Yes i can. I will never adopt these policy’s and detest them, when giving you a quote I will give you options to suit your budget, leave a written form explaining the clean and leave it to your judgement whether you want to go ahead and would never embarrass myself or the company by resulting to hard sell tactics ever!!

Are your products safe for children, pets

We use completely safe products, only British made, unimported, biodegradable, Child and pet friendly and can provide data sheets for every product used, Eco friendly/green products are also available on request.

I’ve found a really good deal on a deal-of-the-day type website should I go for it?

The companies on deal of a day websites are on there  because they are struggling  to compete, you have to question why?  They also have to give half their  money to these sites with every deal and often book in more work than they can manage, It can be a case of “you go for price you pay twice”. The damage done to your carpets can be permanent without the correct procedures,  I certainly wouldn’t recommend or advise  getting your carpets or furnishings with these companies.

My friend on a social media website is offering carpet cleaning should I go for this?

Again I wouldn’t recommend  it you could not end up with a bad job but might have to replace your carpets with no experience, insurance or governing trade body your asking for trouble.

Do you have problems cleaning wool carpets?

No. we have extensive training on how to clean wool carpets, we clean at a certain temperature and use procedures so not to over wet the wool which untrained carpet cleaners could cause a major problem. We also clean wool at the correct Ph and set the carpet back to neutral. We can find out if your carpets are Set at the right Ph and have methods of getting the best results via grooming techniques to get them back to their shape. We use Woolsafe British manufactured natural and green environmentally friendly products and don’t use imported harsh products. This ensures your wool carpets are cleaned the most professional and careful way. Giving their colour back and the original bounce and freshness

There are are 100s of carpet cleaning companies exclaiming they are the best, have the best equipment most powerful machines, cleaning techniques,  so why should I choose you?

We believe its not just about having powerful Machines, Good Equipment is about having  powerful Machines plus being trained and having the necessary experience to use them. An untrained carpet cleaning technician can be a safety risk to you and themselves especially with powerful equipment they cant handle if untrained to do so.  Also when you book us us you will speak to me from there on in, ensuring communication is present from the beginning to end of the job, this offers Clarity and understanding from the word go. Many carpet cleaning company’s are large franchises and you don’t speak to the person you first spoke to on the phone and some use  employees some not insured.

Some can have no respect for the company or your home and furnishings.  We are a family based local company who put are customers first, offering a superior carpet cleaning and cast iron guarantee that we will get your carpets or furnishings back to there best attainable shape, cleaner and fresher or your money back, so no more carpets soaked wet, smelling,  drying for days as with some other unreputable  companies or suffering from unscrupulous tactics that have given the industry a bad name ie bait and switch which is unfortunately common, please click here for a short video on this. We have the correct insurance which protects you, us and the item being cleaned

We also carry out are quoting in a honest and professional manner, (beware of any carpet cleaning company who doesn’t  ask you any questions about the item to be cleaned before hand) we  never hard sell, just leave a a written quote at a affordable rate. We follow Coshh  health and safety procedures to protect you and us, use Child and pet safe products and will always explain honestly about what you can expect from the clean before commencing.  We give a fair affordable cost for a superior carpet cleaning  service as our many reviews attain to.

Another Company as offered whole house clean in a hour with set price can you match this?

We don’t set whole house price carpet cleaning as it a case of “how long is a piece of string?” as houses come in all different shapes sizes “chances are that you will not have each room carpeted and many even carpeted in the bathroom, conservatories rugs etc”  at least until you have rang and gave  information on each room size, staining, dirt etc and sometimes its best to set a convenient time for a quote to give you a exact costs with “no strings attached” . Also we don’t believe in a rush job a “Slash and dash” we ensure we explain the carpet cleaning before hand on written a NCCA carpet cleaning cleaning report sheet/invoice which we leave you, also after clean as well as an aftercare pack. Stain removal guide and advice on maintaining your carpets after the clean

I have been guaranteed stain removal by another carpet cleaning company should I go with them?

Alarm bells should be ringing, any professional carpet cleaning company should know this is not the case and the company is ether inexperienced, incapable  or lying and at worse trying to deceive you. Unfortunately some stains can’t be removed like Hair dye, self Tanning cream, Alcopops  etc some can be partly removed but not all the stain. We can give you a honest appraisal and can identify stains and tell you the likelyhood on whether the stain can be removed before any cleaning commences

As well as being a Trustmark backed company. We are proud to be trained by Prochem the leading manufactures of stain removal products and are efficient in using the best up to date stain removal products.  We are trained and members of  NCCA and Ashbys and can show you certification to the fact. This gives us high probability we can identify and remove stains. Our procedures will not damage your carpets and we can provide data sheets on all products used.

Can you remove cat dog smells and urine smells?

We have a range of products that have great effect on pet smells and have great results, Urine can be destructive, corrosive and harmful to You and your family, with Urine we suggest not to try removing  it with household products no matter what it says on the label! Your likely to make it much worse. Old urine stains are hard to remove the older the harder it is. Urine can cause severe problems and health issues, urine starts off at a low Ph then gets more alkaline as its gets older.

It can dye and even destroy the fibres and ruin the backing, if Urine goes through the carpet backing into the underlay through onto the floorboards  it can be very hard to remove without removing the whole carpet. we use a product that can effectively eat away at the urine. We suggest calling us out early the sooner we can extract the urine the less problems its likely to have caused. In cases where it is likely to happens again we can offer you a product that kills the Bactria in urine and smell or you can protect the carpets by us applying a Scotchgard or we can set up regular maintenance cleaning program.

How do I know you will perform to High Standards?

We are professional  honest, flexible, hardworking and being solely carpet upholstery and  furnishing cleaners this helps as maintain the best expertise in this area were no Jack of all trades like some offering hard floor servicing as well as carpet cleaning or widow cleaners who rent a low powered machine to clean your carpets. Cleaning companies who are not specialists in carpet cleaning, Property maintenance companies, odd job men, Cheap flyers, littering  though your door, thats not us We offer complete transparency from the word go. Using our years of experience being trained and members of the NCCA having governing body’s you can approach. We are proud members of the Approved Carpet Cleaners Association this group was formed to help carpet cleaners and customers alike to find carpet cleaners who adhere  to  professionalism and root out shoddy workman ship. In all we offer a great affordable business that as help as grow year on year.

Are you Trustmark certified?

Proudly yes, please click here to find us on the Government backed and endorsed Trusmark don’t chose any tradesman/woman without this.

What insurance do you have?

We have two full forms of insurance, treatment risk insurance  and full public liability  insurance so in the unfortunate case that something goes wrong , which in all our years operating has never happened.

I’m busy and only have a short period of time to Book in your carpet cleaning service we you be able to fit me in?

Yes, as we all lead busy lives we aim to make sure we can fit you in at the most convenient time and day for you, having the flexibility to do your carpet cleaning on the weekends or given short notice we will do our utmost to fit you in. Aiming to have your carpets cleaned within 48 hours using the latest carpet cleaning methods with the least distraction.

Great I feel informed! How do I book in your Carpet Cleaning Services?

Simple, call 07534183880 or 01172791682  Email [email protected] or Text we can also be contacted via Whatsapp free Messaging picture service,  if we are busy we will get back to you within hours after contact we can arrange a quick survey to asses the best carpet cleaning requirements for you which is always advisable. Or can give you a rough estimate via the contact methods. We have many different carpet cleaning methods to suit all types of customers carpet fibre types whether commercial carpet cleaning, domestic carpet cleaning, we offer professional trust mark approved Government endorsed Standards of carpet cleaning in Bristol plus giving free great advice and help.

Any other Questions?

Please feel free to use our contact form or phone call, we believe there’s no such thing as a stupid question and are  here to help, so give us a call or use the contact form for any carpet cleaning  questions! thanks, Paul, kerry, Aura Carpet Cleaning Bristol 07534183880 or 01172791682   [email protected]

Carpet cleaning in clifton bristol

Paul Dunkley, Aura Floor Care,, Bristol


Carpet Cleaning in Bristol, Bath, Newport, Weston Super Mare, Almonsbury Yate, Clevedon, Avonmouth, Severn Beach, Wick, Severn Beach, Alveston, Keynsham, Dundry, Pensford, Backwell, Cleeve, Felton, Axbridge, Chedder, MIdsomer Norton, Radstock, Trowbridge, Chipping Sodbury, Thornbury, Kingswood, Chepstow, Caldicot, Dursley, Redland, Clifton, Henlease, Westbury Park, Cotham, Filton, Fishponds, Staplehill, Central Bristol, Redland, Clifton, Henlease, Westbury park, Cotham, Filton, Gloucestershire, Brislington, Bishopsworth, Bedminster, Whitchurch, StokeBishop, Redland, Mangotsfield, Blaize hamlet, Brentry, Hotwells, Patchway, Blagdon, Eastville, Fishponds, Emersons Green, Combe Dingle, Cheswich, Willsbridge, ~ please call if not listed Aura Carpet Cleaning operate in many more areas than listed and may be able to arrange Carpet cleaning for you whether commercial or domestic

Our service includes the removal of

  • odor
  • mould/mildew
  • stains
  • pet hair
  • dust mites
  • dirt
  • body grease
  • harmful pathogens