Carpet cleaning stain removal

Although lipstick is notorious as a hard stain to get remove with this simple trick you will be able to remove it. First of all use a table spoon to remove as much off the lipstick as you can Then use a petroleum jelly like Vasoline. Lipstick is also made up of petroleum jelly so the vasoline will act to remove the lipstick by soaking it up. Rub in the vasoline until the lipstick is removed Afterwards clean the area that was effected with water and use a small amount of soap to remove the vasoline and job done.



Removing Wine stains Aura Carpet Cleaning Bristol

Wine stains are a common occurrence on and around the Christmas and new year period and we often get calls on best way to treat them the best thing you can do with such spills is act with immediate effect rinse the area with water and dab using a white cotton Terry towel and If you have vinegar begin to blot the area with  small amounts of Vinegar. If it has stained call Aura Carpet Cleaning Bristol we have products that have high effectiveness in dealing with these stains




Removing coffee stains Aura Carpet Cleaning Bristol

Again if immediate action is taken coffee can be easy to deal with Blot the area where the spill as occurred using a cotton terry towel and then add some small amounts of club soda of vinegar until the spillage is gone  Coffee can be a hard stain to get rid off if left for a long  period call Aura carpet Cleaning Bristol to help effectively remove the stain




Removing wax Stains Aura Carpet Cleaning Bristol

Wax stains can be very difficult to remove and in case Wax can cause burning and colour dying to the fabric. There is a way of hovering an iron over the wax with a paper bag not grease proof to absorb the wax while its heated and while some people achieve results this way use this method for small amounts we recommend calling us for we  have the equipment and technical know how to effectively remove wax


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By Paul Dunkley  Google+